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Guide to Cannabis Infused Edibles for West Virginia Medical Marijuana Patients

Guide to Cannabis Infused Edibles for West Virginia Medical Marijuana Patients

With West Virginia finally opening its first dispensary, many patients who have gone through the process of getting a medical marijuana card in West Virginia are shopping for cannabis for the very first time!

As patients have been eagerly waiting for a dispensary since 2017, the day has finally come for the Mountain State, and now patients can bring their legal cannabis home and use their medication as they see fit.

Most medical marijuana patients now have access to a wider variety of legal marijuana products than ever before, and they may be considering trying edibles for the first time ever. While they may be unfamiliar in this form, edibles are a safe, effective cannabis product to help you manage your symptoms!

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using the edibles found at West Virginia cannabis dispensaries!

What are Marijuana Edibles?

Edibles weren’t originally part of West Virginia’s medical marijuana program, but earlier this year they were approved in West Virginia after legislators saw the need from patients who were looking to treat their conditions on a long-term basis. Edibles are foods that have been infused with cannabis or have cannabis ingredients in them. Edibles can essentially be any type of consumable, including gummies, brownies, or drinks, and they can range in dosage as well. One of the main benefits of edibles is that they are typically more potent and can last much longer than other consumption methods!

How do Edibles Work?

The reason why edibles are more potent and last longer than other cannabis products is because of the way that THC is processed in your body when you ingest it. When taking an edible, THC travels through your small intestine, where it will make its way to your liver and begin a unique breakdown process.

Your liver will start to convert the molecules from the cannabis plant into metabolites, which is part of the body’s process of breaking down foods or chemicals. It’s here that the cannabis experience differs greatly from other consumption methods, because when your liver processes THC it begins to produce a new compound that is not present when consuming cannabis in other ways. Your liver will begin to process these compounds into metabolites, and along the way it will create a new metabolite called 11-OH-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-OH-THC, also called 11-hydroxy-THC). 11-hydroxy-THC is reportedly much more psychoactive than THC alone, and this is likely responsible for why so many people report heavier effects from taking edibles rather than other consumption methods, such as smoking for example.

Taking Edibles for the First Time

Edibles are one of the most potent forms of cannabis, making them an extremely effective form of cannabis for treating chronic conditions. One thing that makes edibles a challenge to properly dose is the amount of time it takes for the effects of a marijuana edible to kick in. Whereas flowers may activate immediately, and depending on dosage, can have effects that last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, edibles can take up 1-2 hours before they even start working. Once activated, edibles can last up to 3-8 hours in many cases. This is why it is necessary to take extra precautions when dosing edibles for the first time, or with taking any new medications. It’s best if you start with the smallest dosage and wait until you confidently feel the effects before considering another. Nearly all horror stories concerning marijuana and its potency track back to taking too high of a dose, and that’s especially the case with edibles. A single gummy might not look threatening, but for someone with a low tolerance, taking a full dosage might be overwhelming, and it could last for an unusually long amount of time if the patient is not prepared.

If you are new to edibles, it’s best to start with the lowest dosage possible (perhaps even cutting an edible into 1/4ths or 1/8ths), and wait a very long time, between 2-5 hours before considering another dosage.

It’s also important to note the dosage on the packaging because edibles can range from 10mg (considered an average dose) all the way up to 1,000mg per edible. Oftentimes consumers mistake or misread the packaging, believing that 1,000mg is the total dosage in the package, while it might be per edible instead, so be sure to accurately determine the individual dosage per edible to get the right amount for you.

When Can I Buy Edibles in West Virginia?

West Virginia’s medical marijuana program has been shuffling its feet for a few years now, but just this month the first dispensary in West Virginia opened its doors! Because dispensaries and cultivators are just now hitting the streets, the products that are available are on a smaller scale and will slowly increase their production over time. For now, it doesn’t appear any standardized edibles are available just yet, but expect that to change as more dispensaries come online and cultivators get a handle on their processing. In the meantime, distillate concentrate and cannabis flower are both available for purchase in West Virginia, and both of these ingredients can be used for making your own edibles! We expect a robust lineup of West Virginia edibles to arrive on dispensary shelves soon, and 2022 will likely be a fruitful year for dispensaries and patients both!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in West Virginia

Edibles are on the way for West Virginia medical marijuana patients, and dispensaries will be stocking the shelves soon! Being a medical marijuana patient in West Virginia gives you the freedom to use your medication legally and offers a natural alternative for treating many illnesses and conditions.

Take the steps to schedule your medical marijuana appointment today, to talk to a cannabis doctor who can help you get a medical card and develop your personalized treatment plan.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way! Feel free to give us a call at 877-303-8424 and we can answer your questions about getting a medical marijuana card in West Virginia.


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West Virginia Marijuana Card’s mission is to help everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce the stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

If you have any questions, call us at 877-303-8424, or simply book

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