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MMJ Edibles Not Yet Legal for Purchase in WV

edibles and expanded program voted down

West Virginia lawmakers approved a medical marijuana program in 2017 and issued licenses to dispensaries throughout the state earlier this year. Qualifying patients who go ahead and register will likely be able to enter dispensaries for the first time in 2021, but edibles will not be one of the items available for purchase just yet.

In addition to guiding you through every step of registering for medical marijuana in West Virginia, the compassionate team at West Virginia Marijuana Card is also a top source of cannabis news.

Read on to learn more about the fate of the WV edibles bill and the ways that you can still legally enjoy medical marijuana in the Mountain State.

What exactly are medical marijuana edibles?

Medical marijuana edibles allow you to consume cannabis through eating some of your favorite foods. Common forms of edibles are chocolates, gummies, and baked goods that have been infused with marijuana.

Compared to smoking and vaping, consuming edibles usually results in a delayed but longer lasting, whole body effect, without causing any potential respiratory complications.

Compared to cannabis capsules, tinctures, and oils, edibles may be more efficiently digested for maximum absorption and effectiveness. This, coupled with their general palatability, makes edibles a favorite form of cannabis.

However, critics of edibles usually cite concerns that children won’t be able to distinguish them from normal candy or baked goods, as well as concerns that edibles might make it easier for adults to accidentally consume more cannabis than intended.

What is West Virginia’s stance on medical marijuana edibles?

Earlier this year, the West Virginia state Senate passed a bill in favor of medical marijuana edibles. However, before a bill in West Virginia can be signed into law, it must also pass the state House and then be signed by the governor.

West Virginia governor Jim Justice made headlines earlier this year when he hinted at being willing to accept more expansive marijuana policy reform, provided that both the Senate and House could agree on the policies brought to his desk.

For now, the Senate is a bit more open to medical marijuana reform than the House, within which two Senate bills for medical marijuana program expansion were defeated this legislative session.

These defeated measures include Senate Bill 590, to add edibles to the state’s medical marijuana program, and Senate Bill 231. If passed, Senate Bill 231 would have expanded qualifying medical conditions, increased the medical marijuana sales tax, and simplified the registration process for both medical marijuana doctors and patients.

What is currently allowed under West Virginia’s existing medical marijuana program?

West Virginia’s existing medical marijuana program is open for registration now, and registered patients are on track to purchase from dispensaries by the end of 2021.

Even though edibles will not be on sale, the state has approved the following forms of cannabis for purchase:

  • Dry Leaf or plant form

  • Pills

  • Oils

  • Gels, creams, and ointments

  • Extracts formulated for vaporization or nebulization

  • Tinctures and other liquids

  • Dermal patches

These forms of medical marijuana are proven effective, and it’s possible that the successful sale of these products will help future state representatives have a more open mind about expanding the program in the future.

Meanwhile, if it’s edibles that you’re craving, you can always make your own, provided that you take precautions to store them far away from children and restrict them to your own individual medical use.

Should I go ahead and register for a West Virginia medical marijuana card?

If you have a qualifying medical condition, or even think you might be experiencing the symptoms of a qualifying condition, it pays to go ahead and talk to a qualified doctor about whether medical marijuana could be a good fit for you.

West Virginia’s medical marijuana program offers access to high quality, well regulated medical cannabis. Having an official West Virginia medical marijuana card is the ticket to entry to the dispensaries opening later this year. Meanwhile, participating responsibly in the current program could be the key to getting House delegates to open up to expanding the program in the future.

Ready to register for your West Virginia medical marijuana card today?

The professionals at West Virginia Marijuana Card are here to support your experience of both becoming, and being, an active West Virginia medical marijuana cardholder.

This includes gathering your medical records, scheduling your initial evaluation, submitting your paperwork, and providing ongoing guidance about using medical marijuana to enhance your life.

Give us a call at 877-303-8424, or visit our website to schedule your appointment to qualify as a West Virginia medical marijuana patient today.


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