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Find Medical Marijuana Doctor Near You in West Virginia

Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Appointments Now Available

We now offer Telemedicine appointments as a simple and convenient way for patients to receive their medical marijuana cards. You can get approved for medical marijuana treatment in the comfort of your own home! The process is simple, as we will email you a link to your virtual appointment that can be accessed through your mobile phone or computer. This provides an easy and convenient way for patients to meet with our doctors to be evaluated. We also provide same-day registration, so you can be registered with West Virginia's medical marijuana program and begin accessing dispensaries.

Alternatively, even if you are unsure whether medical marijuana would be appropriate for you or a loved one, please consider signing up for our blog so you can stay in the loop on West Virginia's medical marijuana program, in addition to assisting in identifying future locations so we can be sure to provide support to all the citizens of West Virginia!

How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in West Virginia

West Virginia's medical marijuana program is fully functional, and many people across the state are actively exploring how medical marijuana can improve their symptoms and overall quality of life. To this end, many West Virginians are hungry for knowledge about how to become a patient and access the dispensaries to obtain their medical marijuana and improve their quality of life. ​
To support the people of West Virginia in their search to find a trustworthy, compassionate and knowledgeable medical marijuana physician prepared to discuss and recommend medical marijuana, we are opening West Virginia Marijuana Card medical offices throughout the state, staffed with state-approved, licensed, and cannabis certified marijuana doctors that can perform your evaluation and, if appropriate, write medical marijuana recommendations.

We plan to open offices in the following West Virginia cities:

Which Medical Providers Can Certify Me for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia?

All West Virginia medical marijuana physicians must complete a 4-hour training course that is developed by the West Virginia Department of Human and Health Resources Bureau, along with being registered with the state to determine that they are qualified to treat a serious medical condition. All of our doctors complete additional cannabis education so that they are as informed as possible on this brand new treatment option to West Virginians.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card!

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