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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in West Virginia

West Virginia Marijuana Card

Due to the state's Medical Cannabis Act, medical marijuana is legal in West Virginia! The first medical cannabis dispensary opened in Morgantown in November of 2021, and multiple dispensaries opened throughout the state in 2022!

To buy medical marijuana products at licensed dispensaries in West Virginia, you need to first get a West Virginia marijuana card. If you are wondering how to get a medical marijuana card in West Virginia please see the four steps below. 


Once you have your card, you will gain the ability to visit any dispensary within the state. This allows you to legally purchase various cannabis products, including flower, tinctures, concentrates, vapes, capsules, topicals, and more!

How to Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in West Virginia

In order to successfully qualify for a West Virginia medical marijuana card and legally purchase medical cannabis from one of the state-licensed dispensaries, you only need to meet the following three requirements:

1. Be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition.


2. Have the official written certification from a West Virginia licensed physician.


3. Be a West Virginia resident with proof of residency (WV Driver’s License or WV State ID card).

What Conditions Are Approved for Treatment With Medical Marijuana in WV?

Below, you’ll find a list of the conditions that qualify for medical marijuana in West Virginia. The West Virginia Board of Medicine has determined that cannabis is a safe, effective treatment option for the following conditions and their associated symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions, you probably qualify for a West Virginia medical card and can get legal access to marijuana.

If you are still unsure of your medical card eligibility in WV, don't hesitate to reach out to our patient support team at (877) 303-8424. We can help you obtain your medical records and schedule an appointment with one of our West Virginia marijuana doctors online.

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West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

Get Yours in Four Easy Steps!

Step 1

Schedule an MMJ evaluation appointment online or by calling us at (877) 303-8424

Step 2
Submit your patient form, state identification card (ID)
, medical records and make your payment.
Step 3

Connect with our medical marijuana doctor using your phone, computer or tablet.

Step 4

Register with the DHHR and submit your application to receive your West Virginia marijuana card. Then, you can access WV cannabis dispensaries!

How to Get Approved for a West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

If you have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition or believe you currently suffer from one, you are most likely eligible for a West Virginia medical marijuana card. The next step in the process is to set up an appointment with one of our MMJ doctors to review your condition(s) and, if appropriate, recommend medical marijuana as part of your treatment plan.​

All West Virginia medical marijuana physicians have completed a 4-hour training course developed by the West Virginia Department of Human and Health Resources Bureau. They are also registered with the state and certified to treat serious medical conditions. That means you’ll be guaranteed to receive the best evaluation possible during your telemedicine appointment.

What to Expect at Your Online Appointment With a West Virginia Medical Marijuana Doctor

Now that you know how to get a medical marijuana card in West Virginia, it’s important to understand what to expect at your online appointment. First, you will need to schedule an online medical marijuana evaluation. At the appointment, you and your medical marijuana doctor will discuss your condition, as well as your medical history.

If possible, it is helpful if you can upload any relevant medical records documenting your qualifying condition. By uploading your medical records, you significantly increase the likelihood of receiving a medical cannabis recommendation from the doctor during your appointment while also making the process even quicker.

 If your West Virginia medical marijuana doctor can verify your qualifying condition and believes medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment option, once approved, the signed certification recommending medical marijuana products will be uploaded to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources website.

What to Expect After Your West Virginia Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Following your medical marijuana evaluation appointment, the doctor's signed MMJ recommendation will be uploaded to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources website. It will then be your responsibility to register, submit your state application, and pay the state's $50 medical marijuana patient registration fee unless a financial hardship waiver is requested and approved. NOTE: If requesting a fee waiver​ based on financial hardship (income below 200% of the federal poverty level), provide acceptable proof of income, such as W-2, recent pay stubs, proof of benefit eligibility, etc. Please do not send payment if you are requesting a fee waiver. If the waiver is not granted, you will be notified to submit the fee at that time.

After you have paid your fee and the state has received your application and the marijuana doctor’s certification, it will undergo a review process. Please allow 30-60 days for this review. Once approved, you will receive an email from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services notifying you of the status of your application. If your application is denied, you will be informed of the reason. If your application needs a correction, it will be rejected and sent back to you to correct and resubmit. You will not need to create and submit a new application. If your application is approved, your West Virginia medical marijuana patient card will be issued.

Our medical marijuana doctors and patient support team will stick with you every step of the way until you have received your West Virginia MMJ card—and beyond! We are here to answer all your questions, help you obtain your medical records if necessary, and help you find the WV cannabis dispensary nearest you!


We even offer unlimited follow-up visits after your appointment for the entire time your medical marijuana card is valid through us to ensure you are on the right track with your medical marijuana treatment plan!

​Why Should You Get a West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

Dispensary Access

Without a medical marijuana card, you can’t buy marijuana from a dispensary. When used for medical needs, you should only purchase marijuana products from a licensed West Virginia dispensary to ensure that you get a safe product accurately labeled and tested for purity and potency. The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources supports the use of medical marijuana (in its various forms) as a low-risk and successful method of treatment for any one or more of the qualifying conditions.


With your West Virginia medical marijuana card in hand, you'll be able to access all West Virginia dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana. These state-licensed marijuana dispensaries carry many forms of medical marijuana in varying strengths and potency, and product availability is growing as the West Virginia medical cannabis program expands.

Legal Protection

Your West Virginia Marijuana Card makes it easy for you to demonstrate to law enforcement that you are registered with West Virginia's Office of Medical Cannabis through the state's Department of Health and Human Resources. This gives you the legal right to possess, transport, and consume medical marijuana products.

Access to Other States

A West Virginia Marijuana Card gets you access to all dispensaries located within the state. That’s a given, but you might end up getting more value than you originally anticipated. Many states with medical marijuana laws already on the books offer medical marijuana reciprocity with their program. This means that you can use your medical card in another state that has reciprocity laws in place to purchase medical marijuana from their dispensaries.

As of 2022, Washington DC is the closest location that accepts out-of-state cards, but other states across the US also offer reciprocity. Additionally, medical marijuana programs are being developed and expanding in our neighboring states, and reciprocity could be offered soon.

Get Your West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card Today!

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