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  • Hammond Lewis

Cannabis NFT’s Are the Future of the Marijuana Industry

With medical marijuana registrations in West Virginia increasing every day, new patients are coming into the cannabis industry and experiencing the culture of cannabis for the first time.

And while many patients may be familiar with 70s, 80s, and 90s cannabis culture, the landscape has changed drastically over the years.

Nowadays, technology and science are drive some of the biggest changes in the marijuana industry. This includes everything from potent cannabis extractions to a more health-conscious user base driving some the biggest trends in the last few years.

With a new generation of cannabis users and a new wave of cannabis culture, new industry standards and products are arriving. One surprising sector of the cannabis industry making big moves is NFT’s.

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about cannabis NFT’s, including how they work and why they could make one of the biggest impacts in the cannabis industry to date.

What Are NFT’s?

NFT’s Are like VIP Passes That Can Be Bought & Sold

On the surface, NFT’s seem to be a confusing technology. Pictures of animals selling on the internet for hundreds of thousands of dollars is, after all, ridiculous.

But aside from unique drawings and artwork, NFT’s bring something quite new to the economy that could change a lot about how customers interface with products and memberships.

NFT’s are just digital assets, like any picture on Instagram or video on Youtube, but what makes an NFT unique is the technology behind it.

This digital contract, known as a smart contract, allows consumers to purchase items that have real value. These include discounts, services, or memberships, all without being tied to a physical item such as a card or ticket.

In the same way that certain companies use subscription services like Apple Music or Netflix and in the same way that you can rent a movie on Amazon Prime or sign up for a AAA membership, NFT’s can represent much more than just a picture or a video.

NFT’s Can Provide Incredible Value, & Here’s Why They Can Get Expensive

So, you might ask yourself what kind of value owning an NFT might provide?

If you had purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT alongside people like Stephen Curry, Post Malone, and Mark Cuban, you’d have two very valuable utilities.

1. The increasing value of the NFT itself on the open market. Like Ebay, NFT’s can be bought and sold on a secondary market like OpenSea, where you can buy and sell NFT’s from other people. Because Bored Ape’s are among some of the most sought after NFT’s, they have increased significantly in value.

2. The community meetups. BAYC has an impressive list of owners who have organized huge private-party events, including yacht parties with attendees such as Chris Rock and Aziz Ansari.

It might not be immediately clear, but if you’re an industry professional or an investor for example, there aren’t too many products you can buy that give you both a significant financial return and put you in a room with Justin Bieber and Shaquille O’neal.

Cannabis NFT’s & Why They Could Shake Up the Industry

Cannabis NFT’s Provide Major Discounts

What really got the NFT industry on fire was the increasing valuation on NFT’s, like Bored Ape’s and Beeple’s $69 million dollar sale.

When people with influence (or influential bank accounts) realized the game-changing aspects of what NFT’s could do to the consumer market, the value of certain projects skyrocketed. This has maintained course.

What kept the industry alive and is poised to change the consumer goods market is a little more interesting.

Projects like Crypto Cannabis Club, who were recently featured in High Times and Forbes magazine, offer NFT’s that give incredible discounts in the cannabis industry for any of its NFT owners. They’re significant discounts:

· Dr. Dabber – 25% off

· King Palm – 30% off

· Vibes Papers – 15% off

· – 20% off

· Mary Palmer – 20% off

· & Many more

Not only that, but Crypto Cannabis Club also started the first real-world cannabis brand from an NFT project. They offer discounts on real-life purchasable cannabis hand-picked by CCC holder and started in California.

The goal is to eventually get cannabis products to all states that are legal and make them completely free, or as legally close to free as possible for CCC holders.

With giveaways like their Mexico vacation raffle, the market value of the NFT’s themselves, and the discounts in the cannabis industry, you can start to piece together why owning a Crypto Cannabis Club NFT might benefit you as a cannabis consumer.

Cannabis NFT Projects That Provide Real-World Utility

Secret Sesh is a company that has hosted many private-party events in the cannabis space for nearly a decade. If you were around the early days of California legalization, you’ve probably heard of Secret Sesh.

Hosting some of the world’s largest private-party cannabis events, Secret Sesh has been an important part in bridging the gap between large cannabis brands and their customers.

And what was for a long time only accessible by industry professionals and those in-the-know, Secret Sesh is now turning to NFT’s to be the next-generation ticket for cannabis-themed events and meetups.

With partners like Focus V who make the Carta vaporizer, Dope as Yola with Push Trees, and a focus on virtual reality meetups as well as IRL events, Secret Sesh is a significant mover in the cannabis industry and is setting up to be a big player in cannabis NFT’s.

Owning a Secret Sesh NFT will give you admission to upcoming events and discounts. And being a holder gives you exclusive access to a growing community of cannabis supporters and enthusiasts.

While NFT’s are a relatively new technology, they’re shaping up to change how customers look at products and the value that they offer and propose a new way for companies to provide memberships and discounts.

And especially in the cannabis industry, where discounts can often be hard to come by, NFT’s may very well change how patients purchase their medicine!

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