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  • Olivia Castro

Got Questions About Smelling Like Marijuana After Medicating? We Got Answers!

Once medical marijuana dispensaries are open in West Virginia, you will be able to purchase smokable marijuana flower if you have your marijuana card. But when it comes to flower, many newbies have some concerns.

At West Virginia Marijuana Card, we want to go above and beyond the duties of a medical marijuana card provider by giving you all the information you need. This includes answering any questions and addressing any concerns you may have about medical marijuana. Education is key so we want to be an avenue for you to be as educated as possible before dispensaries open up!

With raw marijuana flower available in the West Virginia marijuana program, many are wondering: Will I smell like marijuana if I smoke marijuana flower?

This is a good question because it is a concern that only comes along with marijuana flower. If you use other formats such as topicals, edibles or tinctures, you won’t have to worry about the dreaded cannabis scent.

Even though there is no actual harm in smelling like cannabis, some feel embarrassed by it. Many of our patients like to keep their medical marijuana use private so smelling like marijuana is a dead give away that they have been using.

All of your questions regarding the marijuana smell will be answered for you today!

Q: Will smoking in a steamy bathroom help with the marijuana smell?

A: Smoking marijuana in any room is called a hotbox and is sort of a rite of passage for any new flower user. Many people tuck a towel under the door to trap the smoke in the room so that it does not seep into the rest of the space.

Hotboxing in a steamy bathroom does help contain the smell but it does not stop it completely. When you emerge from the hotbox, you most likely will smell strongly of marijuana. The smell of the room itself usually takes around 30 minutes or so to dissipate.

Q: How can I get rid of the smell after a hotbox?

A: We have some tips and tricks for you to get rid of the smell quicker after hotboxing a room!

First you gotta get some air flowing. You can do this by opening a window in the room or adding a fan to the room. This will increase dissipation.

If you happen to have a couple of spare boxes of baking soda, you can open them up around that room as well. Baking soda absorbs odors so this will help get rid of the smell even faster!

You can stay ahead of the game by putting on some candles or lighting some incense before smoking too. This will help disguise the odor.

Q: Will smoking out of the window help with the odor?

A: Smoking and blowing it outside of the window will for sure help with the smell inside of your place!

Keep in mind to first make sure that the wind is not blowing into your place. This will just have whatever you blew out come right back in!

Q: If I smoke while showering, will that help with the smell?

A: It is a common misconception that smoking in the shower will minimize the marijuana smell. This actually won’t help with the odor at all.

Instead you will just end up creating a steamy hotbox for yourself and emerge smelling of marijuana even more. Also remember that because of the water and moisture in a bathroom, it may be easy for your smoking method to be put out!

Q: Will smoking outside help?

If you are in a place where you are able to smoke outside, that will definitely help with the smell. But keep in mind that others most likely will be able to smell it too. The smell of cannabis travels so depending on the humidity, the wind flow, or the wind direction, the smell can end up anywhere.

When smoking outside your method of medicating will play a role here. If you are smoking pre-rolls or a joint, it will smell stronger than if you are smoking a vape.

Q: Will my clothes also smell like marijuana when I smoke?

A: This question also depends on the method that you are using to smoke your medical marijuana. Again, joints, blunts or pre-rolls will make your clothes smell more potent than if you are smoking a vape or even using a bong.

But you can easily get rid of the smell by changing your clothes, or spraying some body spray or air freshener.

Takeaways. . .

Even though with flower you have to deal with a smell, there are still many benefits to using flower as your method of choice! The marijuana smell overall dissipates quite quickly and tips and tricks will help you even more.


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