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Is Recreational Cannabis Coming to West Virginia?

is recreational cannabis coming to west Virginia

The Latest on the Road to Adult Use Marijuana

West Virginia lawmakers recognized medical marijuana as a legitimate treatment for a wide variety of physical and mental conditions in 2017, and now they are discussing the potential benefits of legalizing recreational adult cannabis use.

West Virginia Marijuana Card can help you through every step of the process of qualifying for your official medical marijuana card in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, we are also a top source of information on the state’s latest cannabis news, including the current moves in favor of legalizing recreational adult use throughout the state.

Read on to learn more about the latest developments in West Virginia’s approach to recreational marijuana.

West Virginia governor announces his position opposing recreational marijuana is weakening

West Virginia governor Jim Justice made waves earlier this March when he addressed the legalization of recreational marijuana during a virtual town hall.

According to High Times, Justice said, “I’m not educated enough to make a really good assessment as of yet, but I do believe that wave is coming across all our states. If our House and Senate gets behind that effort and legalizes marijuana, I would too.”

So, where does West Virginia currently stand on adult use marijuana?

Recreational adult use of cannabis is currently illegal in West Virginia. Adults possessing any amount of cannabis for personal use can be fined up to one thousand dollars and face up to 6 months in jail.

Meanwhile, three bills supporting the legalization of recreational adult cannabis use are active within the West Virginia state House and Senate right now.

As a result, Governor Justice’s statement about backing legalization measures approved by the State House and Senate is particularly powerful.

What is the background of West Virginia’s current medical marijuana program?

In 2017, Governor Justice signed The Medical Cannabis Act, which legalized medical marijuana within the state of West Virginia. It called for the creation of the Office of Medical Cannabis, which began the process of implementing a state regulated medical marijuana program.

After spending the past three years licensing production facilities and dispensaries, West Virginia is preparing to roll out its fully functional medical program this year.

What will it mean to legalize recreational adult marijuana use in West Virginia?

If passed, House Bill 2291 and Senate Bill 649 would make it legal for West Virginia adults to possess up to one ounce of cannabis without having a qualifying medical condition.

Meanwhile, House Bill 2912 would regulate the production and distribution of recreational cannabis at retail outlets throughout the state.

These proposed measures would allow individual West Virginia counties to opt in or out of the state-approved recreational program.

Most advocates for legalizing recreational adult use in West Virginia support the program due to evidence that it can curb the epidemic of opiate overdoses in the state.

Should I still apply for a West Virginia medical marijuana card if recreational use of cannabis becomes legal?

Whether or not recreational cannabis comes to West Virginia, becoming an official medical marijuana card holder has unique advantages.

Holding a West Virginia medical card gives you fast access to dispensaries located throughout the entire state, not just in counties that elect to participate in a potential recreational program. It also ensures that you have access to the highest quality cannabis—and that you and your caregivers can possess more than one ounce at a time.

Finally, registering for a West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card protects minors who use cannabis to treat qualifying conditions.

What type of cannabis use is allowed under West Virginia’s medical marijuana program?

West Virginia’s medical marijuana program currently allows for the purchase of cannabis as infused pills, oils, topicals, liquids, and dermal patches, as well as in “dry leaf” or “plant form.”

A bill to add edibles recently passed the state Senate and is anticipated to pass the House and be signed into law this year.

How do I qualify for a West Virginia medical marijuana card?

Medical marijuana is available to patients and caregivers who receive a physician referral, pay the required registration fee, and provide evidence of West Virginia residency.

The compassionate team of experts at West Virginia Marijuana Card will guide you through each and every step of registering for West Virginia’s medical marijuana program, obtaining an official West Virginia medical marijuana card, and receiving ongoing guidance about using cannabis to enhance your health.

Give the team a call at 877-303-8424, or visit our website, to schedule an appointment about qualifying for a West Virginia medical marijuana card today.


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Ernie Mccowan
Ernie Mccowan
Apr 21, 2023

Safer than opiate uses, and drinking. fewer overdoses, dui deaths, and the state makes money to improve roads, schools and other issues...Whats the hold up?


Lynn Leasure
Lynn Leasure
Mar 11, 2023

I rather see Americans smoking cannabis then getting hooked on opiates, meth an fentanyl. So everyone in west Virginia need to stand tall an take action. Cannabis can help with ppl who has cancer, chronic pain, headaches, nausea, etc it's been proven not only that it's been on earth way before any of us. So West Virginia stand up for legalization of cannabis


Falyn Wratchford
Falyn Wratchford
Sep 16, 2022

The profit speaks for its self and the drastic drop in opiate overdose in other states should be enough evidence, idk why we are takin our sweet time to legalize it 100% across the bored, we could profit majorly off of it, bring tourists here, and even have money to fix roads schools and place in new attractions for the tourists and our own people.. it seems to be a no Brainer to me... just do it already


Brian Giompalo
Brian Giompalo
Jun 18, 2022

It’s time to just make cannabis as legal as the grass in my front yard West Virginians!!! It’s long overdue


elisha chaney
elisha chaney
Jun 14, 2022

lets legalize it im for it 100 percent

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