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  • Jennifer Betz

More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Opening Throughout West Virginia in 2022!

Of all the states in the US that have implemented a medical marijuana program, West Virginia has had one of the slowest rollouts. The Medical Cannabis Act was established in 2017, with a mandate that a system be in place to start certifying patients for medical marijuana by July 1, 2019.

More than two years later, the first medical marijuana dispensaries have finally opened in West Virginia, giving patients access to cannabis flower, tinctures, vapes and more to help alleviate the symptoms of their qualifying conditions.

As of December 2021, Trulieve is operating one dispensary in Weston, and one dispensary operating in Morgantown. Patients in the Southern portion of the state are still waiting for a medical marijuana dispensary to open near them, and many are wondering when they will be able to access natural relief that is closer than two hours or more away.

The good news is that several medical marijuana dispensaries are opening throughout West Virginia in 2022, and some are coming sooner rather than later.

Greenlight to Open in Lewisberg, Beckley, Stollings, Princeton and Bluefield

Greenlight Cannabis Dispensaries will be opening locations in Lewisburg, Beckley and Stollings. Greenlight does not currently operate a cultivation or processing facility in West Virginia, however, and the company will be relying on other processors in the state to supply inventory for the shelves when they open.

Columbia Care to Open Dispensaries in Beckley, St. Albans, Morgantown, Fayetteville, and … Williamstown?

According to an article from Beckley’s Register-Herald, Columbia Care recently opened a dispensary location in Williamstown, but it looks like the company is operating under the brand name, Cannabist, and is not yet open for medical marijuana sales.

Construction is also currently underway for a Columbia Care dispensary in Beckley’s Galleria Plaza, which will open in early 2022. The West Virginia regional manager, Kerri Stan said that the company is also preparing storefronts in St. Albans and Morgantown, and the company also has a license listed in Fayetteville.

TerraLeaf Opens Cannabis Education Center in Huntington, Preparing to Open Dispensary Soon

TerraLeaf has opened a Cannabis Education Center in Huntington with the goal of creating a welcoming, community-centered space to educate and support the public as the WV medical marijuana program expands. TerraLeaf hopes to open the dispensary side of the building in early 2022.

Medical Marijuana Supply is the Major Holdup Now

The main challenge holding dispensaries back from opening in West Virginia, is the lack of supply. Medical marijuana products must be cultivated and produced in the state, and these types of facilities are also just getting up and running.

Plants take anywhere from 90 to 120 days to mature, and then they need to be processed, packaged and tested. The supply chain should be running more smoothly within the next few months, and early 2022 is looking pretty good for WV medical marijuana patients.

Get Your West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card Now!

Processing time for your medical marijuana card once you have a recommendation is around 30 days. This means that after a doctor certifies you for medical cannabis and you submit your paperwork and fees to the state, it could take up to 30 days before you can visit a dispensary to buy medical marijuana products.

Getting your West Virginia medical marijuana card now gets you ready for the time when a dispensary near you opens in 2022!

Give us a call at (877) 303-8424 to get your questions answered, or make an appointment to see a West Virginia medical marijuana doctor online today!


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