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Pending Legislation Could Make Traditional Edibles Legal in West Virginia

West Virginia’s medical marijuana program has evolved since its passing in 2017, and getting medical marijuana in West Virginia has never been easier.

With dried cannabis flower now available in the Mountain State, patients are looking to extract the biggest benefits available from whole plant material. The demand for cannabis flower showed the State that changes need to be made to the medical marijuana program.

A new bill aims to change West Virginia’s medical marijuana program further, allowing traditional edibles to be sold in the State.

An Overview of Cannabis Edibles in West Virginia

Technically, Edibles Aren’t Available in West Virginia

West Virginia doesn’t permit the sale of traditional edibles, though cannabis in the form of tinctures, oils, and pills are considered edibles and are available at dispensaries.

It’s also permissible for patients to make their own edibles from cannabis flower or concentrates, which is commonly done in West Virginia.

It’s unclear why traditional edibles aren’t approved in West Virginia, but considering the original passage of West Virginia’s medical marijuana program didn’t even permit cannabis flower, it makes a little more sense.

Now that cannabis flower is available, however, a new bill aims to introduce edibles for West Virginia cannabis patients too.

House Bill 4744 Aims for Cannabis Edibles in West Virginia

House Bill 4744, which is currently pending, intends to change the laws on West Virginia edibles, allowing for the sale and distribution of cannabis edibles while restricting the shapes that edibles could be made into.

While this may not seem immediately relevant, the shape of edibles is often cited by legislators as being “appealing to children”, causing many states to ban edibles in the form of candy, fruits, or animals, for example.

West Virginia went a few steps further by banning edibles entirely, though HB4744 would change that if passed.

There isn’t strong scientific data that suggests certain edibles are more appealing to children, but medical marijuana patients typically don’t care too much about how edibles look. Instead, they’re concerned with potency and effectiveness.

Why Edibles Are Important for West Virginia Medical Marijuana Patients

Edibles Provide Long-Lasting Relief

You can certainly make your own edibles in West Virginia, but having edible products available at dispensaries come with a significant number of benefits.

The first (and biggest) benefit in having edibles available at dispensaries is dosage.

Cultivators use highly technical and accurate equipment to ensure dosages are measured correctly in cannabis products, and there are heavy testing requirements to keep those measurements in check.

Patients baking up their own batch of brownies won’t have the benefit of knowing the precise dosage of an edible, which can make a very big difference in how potent those edibles are.

Edibles Offer an Alternative to Smoking

Dried cannabis flower is available in West Virginia, and it can be used in a variety of ways to make different cannabis products.

The most common method for using dried cannabis flower is smoking, though edibles likely come up close in the number 2 spot.

As an alternative to smoking, edibles offer the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of dried cannabis flower without the need to inhale toxic carbons or carcinogens created from burning the flower.

And although THC pills and tinctures are available, edibles contain more therapeutic and medicinal compounds from the dried cannabis flower and offer a whole-plant material experience.

Edibles Could Be Legal in West Virginia Soon

HB4744 Would Make Most Edibles Legal in West Virginia

The pending House Bill 4744 makes a few important amendments to West Virginia’s medical marijuana program.

For starters, it changes how dispensaries and cultivators are allowed to produce cannabis products, removing the prohibitions on edibles and installing new provisions for dispensaries and cultivators to follow.

If HB4744 passes, cannabis cultivators and dispensaries will be able to make and sell edibles, provided they meet the following requirements:

· Edibles cannot be made in the shape of an animal, human, or fruit

· Edibles cannot be made in any shape that “may entice children”

A generous number of edibles could still be made by cultivators, though the language of what “may entice children” will likely be debated. It’s unclear exactly what this clause means in the bill.

When Will Edibles Be Available in West Virginia?

Currently, HB4744 is pending in the House Judiciary.

The bill is expected to go through the traditional committee reviews, and if there are no major roadblocks, it could be voted on soon.

It’s likely that we’ll see where HB4744 ends up before the legislative session ends in West Virginia, so by the middle of March.

The bill hosts several sponsors and is currently pending further committee referrals, and it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the less clear language is tidied up before it’s finally voted on by House members.

Much of West Virginia is excited to introduce edibles alongside cannabis flower for medical marijuana patients in the Mountain State, and we’re hopeful that HB4744 has a strong chance to pass!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Certification in West Virginia

Cannabis flower is available for purchase by patients with a valid medical marijuana card, and West Virginia is looking to introduce cannabis edibles in 2022!

To purchase medical cannabis, patients must first be approved for a West Virginia medical marijuana card. After receiving a medical marijuana certification in West Virginia, patients can legally purchase and possess medical cannabis.

You can receive your medical marijuana certification from the comfort and safety of your own home today!

Take the steps to schedule your medical marijuana evaluation appointment today and get access to legal marijuana products available at dispensaries.

Being a West Virginia medical marijuana patient allows you the freedom to take your medication the right way for you. We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way! Feel free to give us a call at 877-303-8424 and we can answer your questions about getting a medical marijuana card in West Virginia.


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If you have any questions, call us at 877-303-8424, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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