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  • Jennifer Betz

Should I Spend My Stimulus Money on a West Virginia Marijuana Card?

Should I spend my stimulus check on a marijuana card?

If you’ve got a little cash burning a hole in your pocket after paying your rent and filling your fridge, you may be wondering if it is wise to spend your stimulus money on getting a marijuana card.

Here at West Virginia Marijuana Card, we answer that question with a resounding YES! Getting a West Virginia marijuana card right now means that you’ll be able to access medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries as soon as products become available!

And we’ve got a deal to help you keep even more of that sweet stimulus cash in your pocket!

Until March 31st 2021, Save $30 off your West Virginia medical marijuana evaluation appointment when you book online and enter the code HOTDEAL30 (this offer cannot be combined with any other offers).

Medical Marijuana Can Help Make 2021 Your Year

Times have been hard financially, and the last year of our lives has just been plain rough. In 2020 and the first part of 2021, COVID kept us from our friends and family, some of us lost work, and we have all had to make major life adjustments just to survive.

But spring 2021 is finally here, and so is the financial boost we have all been waiting for. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. We are starting to breathe a little easier. Many of us have a little extra cash right now. After the winter we’ve had, you deserve to treat yourself this spring.

Medical marijuana can treat a wide variety of qualifying conditions, including chronic pain and PTSD. If you have been suffering over the winter, springtime is your time to get on the right track.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in West Virginia?

The West Virginia medical marijuana program is not fully up and running yet, but suppliers have been approved and are getting ready to begin production. It won’t be long before medical marijuana products of all kinds are available at dispensaries all over West Virginia.

As long as you have a West Virginia marijuana card, you will be able to visit the state licensed dispensaries and purchase cannabis that brings natural relief.

Medical Marijuana in West Virginia: Economic Stimulus and Self Care

When you have a West Virginia marijuana card, you’ll be ready to purchase medical marijuana as soon as it becomes available in the state. Be prepared to celebrate after a long, hard winter.

Our compassionate doctors are here to help! Book a medical marijuana evaluation appointment today, and save $30 through March 31st 2021 by entering HOTDEAL30.

Relief is on the way!


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