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Trulieve Expanding Operations in West Virginia

The West Virginia medical marijuana program is gaining speed, with new dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and products arriving every month.

Trulieve opened West Virginia’s first dispensary and has committed to expanding their operations throughout the Mountain State with the acquisition of their 10th dispensary license, as well as installing a larger cultivation facility.

This year, Trulieve plans to nearly double their presence in West Virginia, capturing a large portion of the cannabis market and offering patients a variety of products from their harvests.

Trulieve Adds 10th Dispensary License

New Dispensaries Coming to Multiple West Virginia Cities This Year

Trulieve is a multi-state cannabis conglomerate with large cultivation facilities and dispensaries that offer products to medical marijuana patients.

The big-business cannabis company opened West Virginia’s first dispensary location in Morgantown last year, with plans to install more than a handful of locations since then.

With the recent acquisition of Greenhouse Wellness West Virginia Dispensaries, LLC, Trulieve now holds 10 dispensary licenses.

There are currently 4 dispensaries operating under Trulieve’s wing:

· Huntington, WV

· Morgantown, WV

· South Charleston, WV

· Weston, WV

The company has plans to install at least 6 more dispensaries in cities like Huntington, Milton, Hurricane, Belle, Parkersburg, and a second facility in Morgantown.

Trulieve Expands to a 125,000 sqft. Cultivation Facility

Alongside Trulieve’s bold plans to expand in West Virginia include a larger cultivation facility, a significant upgrade from their current facility, which only houses 85,000 sqft.

The new facility includes more than 70 acres of commercial land, a 100,000 sqft. Commercial building, and plans to employ over 100 people.

Though the new facility isn’t operational just yet, Trulieve says they’re closing in on production and finalizing construction with the soon-to-open facility already employing 30 people.

With somewhere between 14 – 25 people employed at each dispensary, Trulieve expects to end up with nearly 300 employees in the State, which compared to the 330 or so jobs already created by the medical marijuana program, will put Trulieve at the forefront of the cannabis game in West Virginia.

Will Cannabis Get Cheaper in West Virginia Soon?

More Products on the Way, High Prices Likely to Stay

One benefit of Trulieve expanding their operations will be the available product in West Virginia.

Bigger harvests from the company’s new facility will yield larger inventory available for dispensaries, and that means more strains on shelves for patients.

More availability, in this case at least, probably doesn’t lead to any immediate price difference for cannabis in West Virginia, though, because one large supplier offering cannabis at volume likely won’t create a cost-efficient cannabis supply chain, it will simply increase volume.

Cannabis flower is currently in high demand in West Virginia, so the supply could really use a boost anyway. The expansion of Trulieve’s footprint in West Virginia cannabis looks to solve that problem and add more profitability for the publicly traded company, however prices probably won’t be budging any time soon.

A Little More Than Half of Cultivation Facilities Online in West Virginia

West Virginia’s medical marijuana program allows 10 cannabis cultivators to grow and harvest cannabis in the Mountain State, and there are currently 6 cultivators operational.

Once the other half of cultivators get their facilities up and running, we’ll have a better handle on where prices will settle and how much inventory will be consistently available.

West Virginia has also seen a significant uptick in patient registrations, with an 81% increase in medical marijuana cards issued since January.

West Virginia’s program is still brand new, and both patients and the companies serving them are just now starting to get a handle on its direction. Once cannabis is available at dispensaries, it’s likely we’ll see more registrations and an even larger demand for inventory.

Cultivators will need to meet that demand with consistently available product, and until there’s a large flow of cannabis harvests in West Virginia, supply will remain on the lower side while price continues to stay steady.

For now, West Virginia patients can shop a variety of cannabis products throughout West Virginia, and in a few months, inventory will increase dramatically as more cultivation facilities come online.

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