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West Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Add Edibles For Medical Marijuana Use

Edibles in West Virginia

Everything You Need to Know About the Bill to Add Edibles to West Virginia’s Medical Marijuana Program

West Virginia began registering medical marijuana patients in February and has licensed several dispensaries throughout the state. Now, thanks to a new bill that just passed West Virginia’s state Senate, medical marijuana cardholders will likely have even more options for consuming edible cannabis once West Virginia dispensaries officially open for business.

The compassionate team at West Virginia Marijuana Card will help you through every step of West Virginia’s medical marijuana patient registration process. Meanwhile, we’re also a top source of information on the state’s latest cannabis news. Read on to learn more about how edibles could impact medical marijuana in West Virginia.

What is allowed under West Virginia’s current medical marijuana program?

West Virginia’s medical marijuana program was signed into law by Governor Jim Justice in 2017. Known as the Medical Cannabis Act, the new law called for the creation of the Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC).

After spending the past three years licensing production facilities and dispensaries, the OMC is preparing to launch a fully functional medical marijuana program in West Virginia this year.

According to the current guidelines, West Virginia patients will have access to the following types of medical cannabis:

  • Capsules

  • Oils

  • Topicals

  • Liquids

  • Dermal patches

  • “Dry leaf” and “plant form”

What are cannabis edibles, and what is the benefit of adding them to West Virginia’s medical marijuana program?

Cannabis edibles are food products, including gummies and chocolates, that have been infused with marijuana extracts. Some edibles contain whole plant cannabis extracts. Others contain high concentrations of isolated cannabinoids and terpenes.

Consuming cannabis in the form of edibles provides different effects than smoking it, applying it topically, or even swallowing cannabis capsules. Some conditions respond best to consuming edibles. Likewise, some patients claim that edibles are their favorite form of medical marijuana.

Adding edibles to West Virginia’s medical marijuana program will give patients more comprehensive options for consuming cannabis.

It also provides an opportunity for some of the biggest names in medical cannabis to more widely distribute the delicious and effective products they have been expertly developing since medical marijuana reform began spreading across the United States.

In addition to helping you qualify and register for your West Virginia medical marijuana card, our physicians will provide thorough, ongoing advice about the best forms of medical marijuana for you.

Is adding edibles to West Virginia’s medical marijuana program safe?

The bill to add edibles to West Virginia’s medical marijuana program passed by an overwhelming majority, but those who opposed it expressed fears that children would mistake marijuana edibles for candy.

A Colorado study indicates that the rate of childhood hospitalization for accidental cannabis consumption did increase after Colorado legalized cannabis across the state. However, the total number of children affected remains low.

West Virginia’s Senate Bill 590 includes provisions stating that cannabis edibles cannot be shaped like animals or packaged in a way that is appealing, or accessible, to children.

Proponents of the bill feel that these guidelines will help prevent accidental cannabis consumption, especially when cannabis edibles are responsibly stored out of children’s reach.

When can I access medical marijuana edibles in West Virginia?

In order to purchase edibles from West Virginia dispensaries, Bill 590 must next pass the state House and then be signed into law by the governor.

Likewise, medical marijuana dispensaries must open across the state.

Licenses have been issued to multiple dispensaries. However, it will likely be the end of 2021 before they are fully operational.

The quickest way to access legal West Virginia edibles is to go ahead and sign up for the state’s medical marijuana program so that you will be first in line when dispensaries open their doors later this year.

How do I qualify for a West Virginia medical marijuana card?

Patients and caregivers who receive a physician referral, pay the required registration fee, and prove West Virginia residency are eligible for a West Virginia medical marijuana card.

Our compassionate team of experts at West Virginia Marijuana Card will guide you through each step of the application process.

Then, once you’ve received your official medical marijuana card, our physicians will continue to provide personalized guidance for integrating cannabis into your long-term wellness strategy.

Give the team a call at 877-303-8424, or visit our website, to schedule an appointment about qualifying for a West Virginia medical marijuana card today.


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