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  • Jennifer Betz

When it Comes to Medical Marijuana, is High THC Always Best?

This year qualifying West Virginia patients will enter medical marijuana dispensaries for the first time, and a wide variety of cannabis awaits. When deciding which type of medical marijuana to purchase, one of the top decision making factors is the amount of THC present within each product or strain.

The expert team at West Virginia Marijuana Card not only helps you qualify to become a medical marijuana patient, we also provide ongoing guidance about how you can best integrate medical marijuana into your life.

Even though scheduling an appointment with a West Virginia marijuana doctor is the best way to know whether high THC is the way to go, it’s still helpful to clear up a few misconceptions about THC. So, let’s get right into it.

Misconception #1: THC is the only psychoactive cannabinoid.

Short for delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, THC has rightfully earned its reputation as the number one cannabinoid to get you “high.” However, the idea that it’s the only cannabinoid to impact our thoughts and perceptions is wrong.

First off, there are variations of THC, and each of them can get you high. While once a seemingly unknown fact, this has become more widely accepted recently due to the rising popularity of delta 8 THC products.

However, the psychoactive properties of cannabis do not end there. Some studies estimate that there are as many as 100 cannabinoids, most which affect the mind as well as the body.

Technically, anything that acts directly on the mind is considered psychoactive and can have a profound effect on how you perceive everything from smells, to colors, to emotions, to pain. While the other cannabinoids might not have as extreme of an effect on our senses as THC, their impact can still be profound, and possibly perfect for some patients.

Misconception #2: THC only has psychoactive properties.

Even though THC is best known for its psychoactive qualities, the popular cannabinoid also has a direct impact on other organ systems, and understanding this can help determine whether or not higher quantities are a good choice for you.

For example, THC can cause spikes in a person’s heart rate making lower levels of THC a better choice for patients with cardiac conditions.

However, while more research is needed, some studies indicate that THC might be able to dissolve and/or inhibit the growth of tumors, making higher levels of THC a good choice for certain cancer patients.

Misconception #3: THC affects everyone in the same way.

As cannabis writer Matthew O’Brien explains, there’s a tendency to speak about cannabinoids as though they have a uniform effect on everyone even though that has never been the case.

In reality, every individual’s preference for cannabis will differ because cannabis affects each individual differently. Things like a person’s bio-chemical make-up, history of cannabis use, medical conditions, and expectations all help determine whether or not higher levels of THC, or any other cannabinoid, will be best.

Likewise, the presence of other cannabinoids working in balance with each other also alters the effects of THC. So does the method of consumption. It’s not just the cannabis, but also the THC present within the cannabis, that behaves differently when it’s been smoked vs. when it’s been consumed within a baked good, or swallowed within a capsule.

This level of variability is the number one reason why we recommend that a qualified West Virginia physician with a passion for, and deep understanding of, cannabis guide you through your decisions about integrating THC into your wellness plan.

Ready to see if a physician agrees that medical marijuana is a good choice for you?

West Virginia Marijuana Card is the perfect place to start your medical marijuana journey.

Our compassionate physicians possess the expertise needed to help you both obtain an official medical marijuana card and use it to make purchases that will provide the highest benefit for you.

Give us a call at 877-303-8424, or visit our website to schedule your appointment to qualify as a West Virginia medical marijuana patient today.


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If you have any questions, call us at 877-303-8424, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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