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  • Ashley Slimak

6 Tips For First Time Medical Marijuana Users

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Many patients come to us that have never used medical marijuana before. You may be one of these individuals! After you meet with the doctor and get approved for your medical marijuana card, you may be wondering ‘What do I do?’

Traditional prescription medications will provide specific instructions on how much you should take and when. However, the experience with medical marijuana is different and can be confusing.

Two well-known individuals in cannabis research, Ethan Russo MD and Carolyn MacCallum MD have provided guidelines for new medical marijuana users in the European Journal of Internal Medicine. Check out some of their tips below!

Tips For Medical Marijuana First Time Users

1. Cannabis dosage differs from patient to patient

An ideal dose for one patient may not be the same for another. Some trial and error may be necessary to determine your ideal treatment plan.

2. Start your dosage low

When using medical marijuana products for the first time, always begin with a small dose. Cut your gummy in half or use a quarter drop of a tincture instead of a half dropper. Starting out with a low dosage will allow you to wait and feel the effects. If the effects are not strong enough, you can go back and consume more until you reach your desired dose.

3. Keep a journal

Since finding the ideal dosage requires some trial and error, it can be beneficial to document your experience. Write down the name of the product and its contents. Record the amount you use and the effects you feel over time. With so many products available, comparing them can be confusing.

4. Keep a chart of your symptoms

Another important piece of information to document is tracking the response or effectiveness for each product you use for each symptom. One product may help better with pain than it does for stress or anxiety. Consider keeping a chart and rate your experience from 1 to 5 stars or use any system that is easy for you to follow!

5. Store your products in a safe place

Always be sure to keep your medical marijuana products stored in a safe and secure location. Keep them away from pets, children, unsuspecting adults and out of a hot car. Medical marijuana should be treated like any other medication and be kept out of reach.

6. Nighttime use is best

If you are a beginner to using medical marijuana, consider starting in the evening or at bedtime. This way, you ensure that your first few times using cannabis products are in the safety and comfort of your own home. Should there be any possible side effects, you will not have to worry about it having any effect on your daily schedule or activities.


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