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Cresco Labs in West Virginia Launches First-Ever Marijuana Advertisements

The marijuana industry continues to evolve, and with it, innovative marketing strategies are emerging. Cresco Labs Inc., a leader in branded marijuana products and the operator of Sunnyside dispensaries, has recently made a groundbreaking move by becoming the first marijuana company to launch marijuana advertisements on Spotify, the world's leading audio streaming subscription service.

In this comprehensive update, we'll explore the significance of this milestone, the implications for the marijuana industry, and why medical marijuana remains a vital choice for those seeking alternative therapies.

Cresco Labs' Historic Advertising Initiative

Cresco Labs Inc. has made history by taking its marijuana advertising campaign to Spotify, a platform with over 551 million users and 220 million subscribers worldwide. This bold move marks the first instance of a marijuana company promoting its products and services on the popular audio streaming service.

Cory Rothschild, Cresco Labs' National Retail President, expressed enthusiasm about this groundbreaking collaboration, stating, "Audio streaming services represent a major opportunity for brands to reach large audiences in a targeted manner, and we're excited to collaborate with Spotify to launch the first-ever marijuana ads from our Sunnyside national retail brand." Rothschild emphasized that their Sunnyside advertising strategy is data-driven, enabling precise targeting and measurement.

The ad campaign aims to communicate the advantages of shopping at Sunnyside dispensaries and includes 30-second audio spots and in-app digital banners that direct users to the retailer's proprietary e-commerce platform. The advertising efforts are further bolstered by a comprehensive paid media campaign that includes programmatic buying, native ads, connected TV, and more.

About Cresco Labs Inc.

Cresco Labs Inc. is a marijuana industry trailblazer on a mission to normalize and professionalize the sector. Their approach focuses on building national brands and delivering a customer-centric retail experience while advocating for the industry on legislative and regulatory fronts.

As leaders in cultivation, production, and branded product distribution, Cresco Labs leverages its scale and agility to grow a portfolio of renowned brands, including Cresco, High Supply, FloraCal, Good News, Wonder Wellness Co., Mindy's, and Remedi, all on a national scale.

One of the key components of Cresco Labs' operations is the Sunnyside brand, which operates highly productive dispensaries across the nation. These dispensaries prioritize building trust with patients and consumers, providing ongoing education and convenience in a traditional retail setting.

Furthermore, Cresco Labs actively engages with communities through year-round policy initiatives, community outreach, and the SEED initiative, supporting economic opportunities, workforce development, and legislative efforts aimed at creating a responsible and robust marijuana industry.

The Significance of Marijuana Advertising on Spotify

Cresco Labs' decision to launch marijuana advertisements on Spotify is significant for several reasons:

  • Normalizing marijuana: This move represents a significant step toward normalizing marijuana in society. By advertising on a mainstream platform like Spotify, the marijuana industry is reaching a broader audience and shedding the stigma associated with marijuana.

  • Targeted Marketing: Utilizing Spotify's platform allows Cresco Labs to precisely target their advertisements to their core shoppers in Illinois, where they have a leading share in retail. This level of targeted marketing is instrumental in maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

  • Quality of Marketing: Cresco Labs' move to Spotify underscores the sophistication and quality of marketing strategies within the marijuana industry. It demonstrates the industry's ability to operate professionally and deliver high-quality advertising content.

  • Expanding the Marijuana Market: By reaching a vast audience on Spotify, Cresco Labs has the potential to expand the marijuana market. As more consumers become aware of the benefits of marijuana products, it could lead to increased interest and growth within the industry.

The Role of Medical Marijuana

Amid the dynamic progression and exploration of fresh avenues within the marijuana industry, it is of paramount importance to recognize the pivotal role of medical marijuana. This therapeutic option holds immense significance for individuals seeking alternative remedies for a multitude of medical conditions.

Within the domain of medical marijuana, healthcare professionals assume a central role in patient care, offering personalized guidance that guarantees the safe and effective tailoring of treatments to meet each patient's unique medical requirements. Rigorous testing procedures are imposed on medical marijuana products to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality, instilling in patients the assurance of using products characterized by purity and potency.

It is noteworthy that as the marijuana industry evolves, medical marijuana patients in West Virginia benefit from legal protections that set them apart from recreational users. The possession of a medical marijuana card serves as a crucial mechanism for maintaining compliance with state laws.

This pivotal document grants patients access to an array of distinct strains and specialized products, meticulously designed to address their specific medical conditions. Whether the goal is effective pain management, relief from anxiety, or the treatment of chronic ailments, medical marijuana emerges as a versatile and individualized solution for those in need.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

If you're considering medical marijuana in West Virginia, obtaining a medical marijuana card is the initial step. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Eligibility Verification: Check if you meet the eligibility criteria, including residency and qualifying medical conditions.

  2. Consult a Certified Physician: Schedule a consultation with a certified physician registered with the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Program (WVMCP).

  3. Receive Physician's Recommendation: Obtain a physician's recommendation for medical marijuana based on your medical condition.

  4. Register with WVMCP: Complete the registration process with WVMCP, which may include paying the required fee.

  5. Approval and Card Issuance: Await approval and receive your medical marijuana card, which grants you legal access to a range of medical marijuana products.


As the marijuana industry continues to make strides, individuals exploring alternative therapies should consider the role of medical marijuana in their healthcare journey. While innovative marketing campaigns like Cresco Labs' advertising on Spotify showcase the industry's evolution, medical marijuana remains a trusted and regulated option for those seeking relief from various medical conditions.

Whether you're intrigued by the expanding marijuana market or seeking personalized medical treatment, the future holds promising opportunities. To embark on your path to improved health and well-being, consider scheduling a consultation with a certified physician and exploring the benefits of medical marijuana. Stay informed, stay engaged, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving world of marijuana.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today!

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