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  • Olivia Castro

How To Add Medical Marijuana To Your Yoga Practice

Cannabis has been used as part of yoga practice, dating back to India in2000 B.C. It comes to no surprise as cannabis has uplifting, tension releasing properties which pair perfectly with yoga. When added deliberately to your yoga practice, the effect can be exhilarating. Some patients may already be seasoned yogis and want to learn about how to safely incorporate their medicine into their practice. Similarly, others may be interested in starting yoga as a therapeutic form of exercise in addition to their cannabis use as a holistic form of healing. If you are interested in incorporating the practice into your routine, keep reading!

Best Practices For Adding Marijuana To Yoga Routine

Set intentions

When using cannabis with yoga, the first step should be to set your intentions. Think about your purpose and why you want to include cannabis into your yoga practice. If you are new to yoga, think about how the combination of the two can benefit your treatment. The reasoning why is personal to each and every yogi. It could be to relieve stress, to help loosen up tight pains or even to simply connect with yourself on a spiritual level. No matter the reasoning, intentions are key as with any yoga practice.

Pay attention

Paying attention to your body is another important thing to keep in mind. If you’re a new cannabis consumer with yoga, it is important to be mindful about how your body moves with and without cannabis in your yoga practice. Recognize how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally as the effects change throughout your practice while the cannabis is moving through the system and your body. Similarly, if you are new to yoga and are a medical marijuana patient, make sure you understand how to safely incorporate movements into your daily routine.

Pay attention to your dosage and consumption. Anytime you consume cannabis, it is important to pay attention to your dosage, the strain and your own personal tolerance. By paying extra attention to this during your practice, you honor your body and your relationship with cannabis as you explore this new connection between cannabis and yoga.


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