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  • Ashley Slimak

How To Discuss Medical Marijuana Treatment With Your Doctor

As the technology and healthcare industries continue to rapidly transform, patients have more control over their preferred treatment methods. Now more than ever, patients wish to turn to natural remedies to help relieve their symptoms and treat chronic medical conditions.

Medical marijuana has been proven to alleviate symptoms associated with a number of ailments and conditions, but some patients are still hesitant to bring up this form of treatment with their doctor. Before jumping into the conversation with your physician, we’ve provided some quick tips for making the discussion productive and beneficial for your health.

1. Do Your Research

Research is key. In order to be informed about medical cannabis treatment and confidently discuss this option with your doctor, start with some simple research. Understand your specific medical condition and how cannabis has proven to help alleviate the symptoms. Read more about the laws in West Virginia that allow for medical marijuana cards and the process for getting approved. Having conversations with others around you who might use medical marijuana effectively is also a great way to hear about first-hand experience with this treatment. Going into the conversation with your doctor having a general understanding of the benefits, risks, and laws for medical cannabis use will help the discussion run smoothly.

2. Prepare Questions

While researching is helpful, you’ll be sure to still have additional questions about using medical marijuana. During your research, write down questions that strike you as important. These questions will help you further the discussion with your doctor as you determine the best course of treatment.

Below are some example questions you can keep on hand, but make sure you include questions specific to your condition and lifestyle. For example, are you pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the near future? Do you have pets or children? What medications are you currently taking? Other general questions include:

  • Are there any adverse health risks I should be aware of?

  • Are there any activities I should avoid while using medical cannabis?

  • What is the cost associated with medical marijuana?

  • What type of CBD or marijuana would be most effective for me?

3. Be Transparent

After you schedule an appointment, remember to be transparent. Don’t hesitate to speak about and be an advocate for your own health. Know that all doctors are not trained or specialized in this industry, and may not be familiar with medical marijuana treatment. Understanding the subject from all angles can help you make a safe and informed decision for your health.

If you are interested in obtaining your West Virginia medical marijuana card but still have questions, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or give us a call at 877-303-8424. Our Patient Support Team is available to answer any questions, explain the process or help you schedule an appointment.


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