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  • Olivia Castro

Patients With Any and All Medical Conditions Can Potentially Qualify for Medical Marijuana in WV

The medical marijuana program in West Virginia has been a long waiting game. The state legalized medical marijuana use back in 2017 but there still are no dispensaries open and that state has been struggling to keep up. Many have also shared that they think the program as it is currently laid out is too restrictive.

Here at West Virginia Marijuana Card, we want to give you all the information that you need to know if medical marijuana is right for you. To make this decision soundly, you also need to know the politics surrounding the program as a whole. You can get everything you need to know here including your medical marijuana card!

While the West Virginia marijuana program has seemed a bit grim, there is a silver lining! This week, the state medical cannabis advisory board met in an effort to expand the program to cover more medical conditions than those currently on the qualifying conditions list.

Below is a list of the conditions that you have to have in order to qualify for medical marijuana treatment in the state:

As you can see, this list is very narrow. The cannabis advisory board is trying to allow patients with any and all medical conditions to be able to qualify for medical marijuana treatment. This is a really big deal as it could help many more people in West Virginia suffering from medical conditions that are not on the list as of date.

The advisory board is advocating that doctors should be able to decide if medical marijuana treatment would help the patient. This makes perfect sense as patients are the ones who should be benefiting from the medical marijuana program. While the program does help the economy of West Virginia, patients should still be at the front and center of the movement. At the end of the day, expanding the qualifying conditions list will help everyone!

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