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Top 5 Marijuana Job Platforms to Help You Find Your Dream Job in Cannabis

marijuana job platforms to help you find your dream job in cannabis

The cannabis industry has certainly seen a boom in the last 25 years, with the industry currently floating somewhere around $60 billion and expected to reach nearly $100 million by 2026.

And there are a ton of opportunities available for job seekers looking for positions in the cannabis industry, with many jobs available to people both with and without a West Virginia medical marijuana card!

In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 marijuana job platforms to find the perfect cannabis job for you!

Marijuana Job Platforms – How to Get a Job in the Marijuana Industry

Although West Virginia dispensaries are coming soon, you might be surprised to find that there is an abundance of marijuana jobs available in West Virginia right now.

And many might think that only conventional jobs are available in the cannabis industry, such as a dispensary worker, delivery driver, or farmer.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, and in fact, those positions occupy only a small percentage of the vast industry that cannabis supports.

The cannabis industry hosts a variety of needed positions, including tech, medicine, data entry, marketing, advertising, sales, and of course, the coveted and rare “product tester” positions.

Finding a job in cannabis is a lot easier than you might think, and with such a large market cap the industry is only expanding with more opportunities showing up every single day.

Whether you’re a coder, a copywriter, a medical professional, or a sales associate, you’re sure to find the right opportunity on one of these five marijuana job platforms.

Top 5 Marijuana Job Platforms

Phynally – Philadelphia Based LinkedIn for Cannabis Users

Phynally is a Philly based company started by founder Damian Jorden, with the intention of matching job seekers who use cannabis with employers that don’t drug test for marijuana. The site isn’t just for Philadelphians though, positions can be found all across the US on this cannabis-friendly job platform. Though you may find a diverse number of positions, some in the cannabis industry and some not, they’ll all share one thing in common – none of the jobs require drug testing for marijuana!

420 Careers – The Ziprecruiter of the Cannabis Industry

420 Careers has been around for a few years and is one of the most common job boards for local businesses to advertise their cannabis positions with. It’s very common to find retail positions, jobs in dispensary operations, trimming, harvesting, many entry level positions in either retail or cannabis farming can be found here. The site is easy to navigate and searching for jobs is very simple, with a clean interface and detailed job descriptions, finding your dream job in cannabis couldn’t be simpler.

Vangst – Premier Job Site for Cannabis Employees

Vangst is a cannabis job listing platform that makes it very straightforward to see positions in the marijuana industry across the US. Hosting many positions for the West Coast, Vangst is a great place for seasoned professionals to find positions that will level up their career, as well as many positions in both front-of-house retail and back-end operations. If you’re a sales professional, Vangst hosts many sales associate jobs, and team lead positions are abundant for those with careers in management. You can search by date, type of employment, and even look at jobs that don’t require state certification!

HempStaff – Job Posting & Training Resources for Marijuana Industry

HempStaff is more than just a marijuana job platform, it’s a full-on recruiting site as well as a training resource for applicants! HempStaff does list jobs in the cannabis space, but they also provide access to valuable resources like dispensary training, cultivation training, and even provide state-specific training resources! If you’re looking to brush up on your education or add valuable training certificates to your resume, HempStaff is a great resource to look at.

Viridian Staffing – Dedicated Marijuana Resource Platform with Lots of Cannabis Jobs!

Viridian Staffing is one of the oldest players in the marijuana job platform game, and they host a variety of available resources to potential applicants. Viridian has a massive online portal hosting job positions, and offers a host of services including recruiting, workforce planning, temp staffing, HR consulting and even background checks for employers! Whether you’re a startup or looking to step into the cannabis industry, Viridian Staffing is one of the best resources available for those looking for jobs in the marijuana industry.

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