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“We’re Welcoming New Jobs”: $10 Million Cannabis Facility Opens in Buckhannon

A newly-formed cannabis company has invested over $10 million to bring a state-of-the art production facility to Buckhannon, which is great news for Upshur County as well as all West Virginia marijuana patients.

It’s yet another sign that the medical marijuana market is going strong here, bringing relief to the suffering and economic growth throughout the state.

Marijuana Facility Turns Vacant Building Into Economic Opportunity

Armory Pharmaceutical, Inc., opened the doors of their new production facility on June 28, turning a vacant National Guard Armory on Route 20 South in Tennerton into a source of jobs and revenue for the area.

At a ribbon cutting ceremony, County Commissioner Sam Nolte noted that officials had been struggling to find a new tenant for the building, and that Armory Pharmaceutical’s massive investment in the facility is just one example of the positive economic change medical marijuana has brought to West Virginia and the local community.

Nolte said, “I can’t believe the transformation that we’ve seen on Route 20 and the investment that has been put in – a $10 million investment for a building that we were trying to figure out what was going to be here.”

Nolte also noted that officials had been looking at all kinds of options for filling the vacancy building and were delighted and surprised to find that the solution to their dilemma came in the form of a cannabis company.

“We tried everything and thought of all different options, and this was actually not really what I was thinking, but I am super excited that it is here,” Nolte said. “I’m excited for the potential new job opportunities here in Upshur County and I really appreciate the investment that you guys are making here.”

Rob Hinton, the former Upshur County Development Authority executive director who was serving in that position when the project began, said he too was excited to find out what a good fit the cannabis facility would be for Buckhannon.

“What turned out to be something that was going to be hemp and CBD and you’re not really sure where this is going to go and you’re not really sure if this was the right fit for our community turned out to be something pretty fascinating and pretty amazing,” he said.

In fact, Nolte was so impressed by what Armory Pharmaceutical was doing for the community that he has since joined its Board of Directors.

“This has been a long time coming,” he said. “A lot of the things in my previous role as executive director that we did, sometimes you don’t see the fruits of those labor until many years down the road. It’s exciting to still be a part of this organization and be a part of what is going to transpire today and into the future.”

New Cannabis Facility Means New Jobs for West Virginians

Hinton’s successor as Upshur County Development Authority executive director, Jennifer Bostian, is also excited to be a part of the economic growth Armory Pharmaceutical has brought and will continue to bring to the area. She noted that the next step in the facility’s development will be a focus on training and hiring new employees.

“Armory Pharmaceutical has come prepared with a four-prong approach to developing its workforce,” Bostian said. “It’s going to start with an experienced team to come in here and get this facility up and going, producing its product and then we’ll hire and train replacements over the next four or five months. It will also develop its dispensary workforce from here and finally hire and train a research and development team for the pharmaceutical products that will eventually come from this facility.”

Bostian also noted that the new positions will offer competitive pay. According to local news site, Bostian said “entry-level jobs will start in the range of $35,000 to $45,000 annually, and middle management positions will pay approximately $60,000 to $85,000 a year.”

Buckhannon mayor Robbie Skinner also touted the employment opportunities that Armory was bringing to his community, noting how lucky the area was when compared to some other parts of the region.

“We’re so grateful because, throughout Appalachia, we see the news of businesses closing, jobs eliminated, factories sitting vacant… but here in Central West Virginia, in the heart of the state, we’re welcoming new jobs – not relocated jobs, not repurposed jobs, but new jobs.”

New Cannabis Facility Makes Believers Out of Skeptics

State Senator Bill Hamilton, who has a D+ rating from pro-cannabis organization NORML, said at the ribbon cutting ceremony that he didn’t support the bill that cleared the way for Armory to come to Buckhannon, but that he has since changed his mind.

“With the information that was disseminated to me, I decided that this is a good thing to do for our citizens of West Virginia,” Hamilton said. “I’m happy to see everybody here today, supporting this new business in our community.”

Even conservative Democrat Senator Joe Manchin wrote a letter that was read alouat the ceremony. Despite his D- NORML rating, Manchin was enthusiastic in his support for the facility.

“Armory Pharmaceutical will undoubtedly benefit the community in countless ways for many years to come and I’m honored to lend my voice of support for this valuable addition to the region,” Senator Manchin wrote.

Medical Marijuana Is About Relief for the Suffering; Economic Benefits Are Just a Bonus

Hamilton reminded the audience at the ribbon cutting ceremony that the real boon of medical marijuana is that it brings safe, natural relief to those who need it, and that the jobs and economic benefits that come with the medicine are just the gravy.

“I’m also happy to see that our fellow West Virginians who suffer from chronic pain and other ailments have a new place that offers hope for relief by using safe, natural methods,” Hamilton said. “We’ve lost too many friends, family members and neighbors to the raging opioid epidemic in this state and finally, through places like Armory Pharmaceutical, we will start to show there are other alternatives and that they’re easily available.”

Let Medical Marijuana Make a Believer Out of You

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