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  • Olivia Castro

What Does West Virginia Really Think About Marijuana?

Recently, the U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC) released results from a poll that was given to registered voters in West Virginia. The poll showed surprising results so what do West Virginians really think about marijuana?

The USCC poll showed that there is an overwhelming amount of support for ending federal marijuana prohibition. Around 70% of the West Virginians that were polled shared that they favor Senators that vote to legalize marijuana commerce.

This poll surveyed 1,000 registered voters in the state. Even though there is a wide variety of Republicans, Democrats and Independents in West Virginia, they all agreed on one thing. Legalizing marijuana federally was important to them and they looked to support those in government that are on the same page as them.

This poll also displays that West Virginians support marijuana reform on the criminal justice level. They believe that non-violent criminal records should be expunged. They also believe that veterans should have access to medical marijuana as well.

Here are a few of the stats that came from the poll which will give you an idea of what West Virginians think about marijuana:

  • 70% of registered voters in West Virginia support the legalization of marijuana on the federal level.

  • 77% support Senators Manchin and Capito voting to legalize marijuana this upcoming year.

  • 44% support the expungement of non-violent crimes.

  • 77% support the US Congress legalizing marijuana this year.

  • 89% support marijuana being able to be prescribed in VA hospitals.

Overall, West Virginians are very progressive when it comes to marijuana in the state. Not only is there a medical marijuana program in the state but the citizens of the state want more. They want more for not only medical patients but those in prison for carrying marijuana. They want veterans who sacrifice for our country to get the relief they deserve. They support their senators that push for marijuana reform for the United States as a whole.


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