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  • Olivia Castro

Could Marijuana Taxes Replace Car Taxes in West Virginia?

Let’s be real. Taxes are a big deal in West Virginia. There has been a lot of debate around this topic and rightfully so. There are a lot of residents of the state that believe the taxes are too high and too much. With a legal recreational marijuana program, lower taxes may be in West Virginia’s future. . .

Governor Jim Justice knows that taxes are an issue for the state. He even tried to repeal the state income tax and failed. He knows what the residents of West Virginia are looking for and this time he could kill two birds with one stone!

Governor Jim Justice claims that if West Virginia legalized recreational marijuana, the state could collect upwards of $200 million dollars a year. Right now, $100 million dollars goes to the car tax. So why not legalize recreational marijuana and get rid of the car tax?

This does seem like a mighty fine idea! West Virginians can pay less taxes while also jumping on the cannabis bandwagon which is one of the fastest growing industries in our time!

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