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New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Granville-Morgantown

More good news for West Virginia marijuana card holders: The residents of Granville have a new retail option when it comes to buying medication to treat their qualifying conditions, and the new store should serve as a reminder of just how strong the state’s cannabis market is.

The Need for a New Dispensary Shows Growing Demand for Medical Marijuana

The new Trulieve dispensary, which will be located at the Granville Square Shops Outlet Mall, will be Trulieve’s fifth dispensary in the state and its second in the Morgantown area.

Back in May, we wrote about the company’s plans to open six new dispensaries in West Virginia, including this one. This is a sign of the strength of the state’s medical marijuana market.

So far, West Virginia has about 10,000 medical marijuana card-holders. These lucky residents get to enjoy more options and convenience when purchasing their medicine. But a new dispensary is more than just good news for card-holders, it’s also good news for the state in general.

Each new medical marijuana facility that opens means new jobs as well as more revenue for the state. In fact, allowing suffering patients access to the safe, natural relief of cannabis provides economic benefits for all.

Owner of West Virginia’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Continues to Expand in the Mountain State

Another sign of the strength of the state’s medical marijuana market is the success of the company opening the new dispensary. Trulieve opened the very first dispensary in the state, and now has 9 total locations. It’s a sign that this company sees lots of potential growth for the Mountain State’s medical marijuana market.

CEO Kim Rivers spoke in a press release announcing the Granville opening, saying “In the past year, West Virginia's medical cannabis program has added nearly 10,000 patients, and we are thrilled to serve this flourishing community through our newest location.”

Dispensary Operator Seeks to be Patient-Friendly, Build Community Connections

Heather Peairs, manager of Trulieve’s West Virginia locations, told the Daily Athenaeum, WVU’s student newspaper, that being first in the state has helped the company develop relationships with the state’s patients, which has helped the company to serve them more efficiently.

“We're very patient-first, patient-forward. Here in West Virginia, the fact that we were the first in the state, we're taking constant feedback from our patients so that we can provide the relief that they're actually looking for,” Peairs said.

“We listen to our patients right down to what it is that they want us to provide them with,” Pearis told WBOY, the NBC/ABC affiliate serving north central West Virginia. “We take all the feedback that our patients give us from the product that we’re producing, and we take that back to our cultivation so that we’re making exactly what those patients are looking for.”

Pearis told the Athenaeum that Trulieve’s promise to give consideration to customer suggestions when planning products is evident in how their offerings here in West Virginia have expanded. “We started with flower in our locations,” she said. “Now we have other ways of using cannabis from distillates to capsules, like with our Momenta collection. We've really taken the feedback from our patients on what it is that they're looking for to provide relief and how they can consume it.”

Dispensary Manager Says Education, Community Service Are Part of Being Patient-First

Peairs told the Athenaeum that one manifestation of the company’s dedication to serving patients is the emphasis they place on education, not only education about medical marijuana but in general.

Morgantown has a large student population, and Pearis told the newspaper that the company urges students “to stay educated and safe when it comes to their cannabis use.” Peairs also said that her team will tailgate in the fall on the WVU campus to educate the school community.

Pearis said that being patient-first means educating patients so that they get the most out of their medicine. She told WBOY, “I think the biggest thing is that if you’re nervous about the consumption of cannabis, that’s why we’re here, to help find that way that will help you with your relief.”

While state law requires cannabis companies to contribute to their local communities, Pearis said that Trulieve is proud and happy to be involved with Habitat for Humanity in Charleston and Parkersburg and pride groups in Morgantown.

“If there's anywhere we can help or any way we can get involved in the community, we are there.”

Company CEO Rivers said in the press release that the opening of this new location not only speaks to the strength of the medical marijuana market in West Virginia, but it “demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide the best quality services and products for the state's registered medical cannabis patients.”

Rivers concluded by saying the company looks forward to “supporting our patients throughout their cannabis journey and strengthening community connections in this developing market.”

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